Distribute the volume into boxes without decimal places

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I’m trying to distribute a volume in boxes to some stores. I calculated the sales percentage based on the product’s sales in each store using the formula Quantity in Cartons * Distribution Percentage - Sales percentage. However, this gives me a number with decimal places, and I can’t send half a box to a store, haha, lol!

Is there a way to handle this? If I use the round formula, it might round up or down, causing me to miss sending all the boxes I have.

Maybe using a loop would help, but I’m not sure how to go about it…

In the example below, the distribution is done manually, but I’m looking for a more automated formula or approach.


Distribute the volume into boxes without decimal places.knwf (7.8 KB)

Hi @gabrielfs2

Your logic behind the expected outcome is not consistent which makes it hard to apply rules to this. Could you elaborate on this?

To illustrate, why does 0,20 equal 0 while 0,22 equals 1. Why does 10,66 equal 10 while 1,66 equals 2. It seems like 90% is round up or down the normal way but there are a few outliers there.

If you talk about whole boxes, I’d say you’re best off with the floor() function.

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These were values ​​that the end user entered manually, I added them just to illustrate that in the end it had to be a whole number and that it had to contain all the boxes

sorry for my lack of clarity

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