divide cell a1 in table1 by cell a1 in table2

Dear knimers
I have data in two tables of identical row and columns (41 columns, 26 rows).
How can I divide data in cell a1 in table 1 by data in cell a1 in table2 ?

In Excel I would create a formula a1table1 / a1table2 and copy that fomula into the remaining 40 columns and 25 rows. But the dimensions of the tables can Change depending on Input data. So I prefer knime.

I tried the Math Formula Multti Column node. That works fine for one table to Change the data in this table or to append the calculated values in all columns of one table. (see an example workflow published in knime).

see the prinScreen of my workflow. Any ideas to get a result are very appeciated.
Best regards Alfred

the jpg of my workflow:

I would probably try to unpivot both tables, join them on (the same?) RowID and use the Math Formula Node afterwards. If you want the original table structure after you applied your maths, you can Pivot the Rows/Columns back in place.
Do you think this would work for you?

Dear MH
Many thanks for the reply.
I will try to unpivot both tables and join them having ‘count’ in one column and ‘sumDauer’ in the second column.
Many thanks. Alfred

Dear HM. Many thanks. It worked. Best regards Alfred.
see new workflow

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