DL Keras Network Reader - No available Keras Backend


I am trying to configure the "DL Keras Network Reader" node, but it tells me, that there is no available keras back end and that I should check my local installation.

I have python 2.7 and python 3.6 installed and on python 3.6 there is keras installed. Funnily enough, when I use the "DL Python Network *" nodes I can use keras.

Any ideas, what I could to do fix this?


Lukas Hestermeyer

Hi Lukas,

Did you try to restart KNIME after having installed Keras & Co on you machine? Also, we've put together a small installation guide here (https://www.knime.com/deeplearning), maybe that helps? If both doesn't help, can you provide us your log file? This would help!



Ah btw. we just uploaded some example workflows to our example server. I hope that helps you getting started.


I have the same issue - when I check in the Anaconda navigator it shows that keras is indeed installed properly, yet when I check my preferences in knime it says library keras is missing.