DL4J Network_example_of_a_simple_convolutional_net doesn't work

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to reproduce the DL4J 05_Network_example_of_a_simple_convolutional_net (Examples → 14_Deep_Learning → 01_DL4J) but I get an error in the Learner: ‘No input columns selected’. If, in the configuration, I go to column selection I can’t see the Image column.
I didn’t modified the original workflow.
The same problem arises with all the other examples involving images classification (04 and 13)
Any suggestions?

Hi @giannu90,

Have you installed all necessary extensions? In particular, the image processing extension for DL4J: KNIME Image Processing - Deeplearning4J Integration (64bit only) – KNIME Hub.


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Hi Marcel,
my fault, with that extension installed everything works!
Thanks for the fast reply,


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