DL4J - training history loss plot / early stopping?

1) Is there a way to plot loss vs epoch once training is completed?

2) DL4J supports early stopping - will this be implemented in Knime? [I didn't see it ?]

3) Is it be possible to get the DL4J Training UI working via Knime?



1) I would second this request. It would be nice to take advantage of the data that's already being shown in the view.

2) This is possible from from the view in the learners (right click on the node and open the view while it's running).

3) I am guessing this is not easy (even possible?) to implement but a developer would know for sure.

1) and 3) Visualizations are on out list. Unfortunately, there are other things with higher priority so I cant't tell when this will be implemented.

2) The Learner View has a 'Stop' button. So you can hit that manually if you want to stop learning a the current state. Automatic stopping conditions are currently not supported.