Do I have the right idea on how Loops work?

Hey everyone,

I am trying to get this loop to work by following various posts here and can not seem to get it to actually loop. The first iteration works but outside of that I got nothing.

The Goal is this:

Transpose is giving me a long list of columns that have one string in each.
From there I get that string as a flow variable.
Filter existing data for all rows containing that variable.
And then append/write that data to Excel.
Repeat for each column, adding multiple sheets.
End loop.

The idea is to have this run dynamically depending on the number of columns. It should be adding around 10 pages but I only get the first one.

Any and all help is appreciated!

Can you post your workflow here? This is all very confusing.

Some questions that I have:

  1. Why is the Column List Loop State node variable output connected to the variable input of the Excel Reader node?
  2. Why is variable output of the Excel Reader node connected to the variable input of the Table Row to Variable node?
  3. Why is the variable output of the Row Filter node connected to the input of the Excel Sheet Appender node?
  4. Why is the variable output of the Excel Sheet Appender node connected to the variable input of the Loop End node?

One observation:
In this loop situation, the Loop End node isn’t doing anything. It can’t function if there’s no data entering it. What you need is the Variable Loop End node. From the description this node:

can be used to close loops where all the magic happens in the loop itself and no aggregated output is needed.


Hello there @tschmied,

to answer your question from topic I would say partially :smiley:

If I got you right you don’t need to transpose your data but rather use different loop type for beginning - Table Row To Variable Loop Start. Then connect it to Excel Reader node --> Row Filter --> Sheet Appender --> Variable Loop End. You don’t need flow variable (red) connections as flow variables are carried into downstream nodes regardless of connection type.

Reason why you are only getting one sheet might be cause you didn’t use flow variable to define sheet name in each iteration?


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