Docker Image Creation

We are trying to use the image build flow, we noticed that it is required to create an ID in application passwords to be able to use the flow, however in the “read more” option, there is the following annotation: Please note that the copy button will not work in HTTP, so if TLS does not is enabled.

If I don’t have HTTPS, are there other image creation options?


The application password is only needed if using the image builder app to push the image to your local/embedded registry. It is possible to create a custom executor image while pushing it to the repository manually instead of with the image builder app.

For details on how to achieve this please reference the Docker executor images section of the KNIME Business Hub Admin Guide. Specifically the sub section for Adding extensions manually. These sections cover executor images in detail including using the image builder app to create and push custom images to the local repository as well as instructions for creating and pushing images without using the app.



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Previously, the docker file creation flow worked manually. It currently asks for passwords, meaning that it is not possible to use the flow if the hub URL does not have HTTPS?

@slunah Correct, the previous version of the tool simple created a dockerfile that you could use to create the executor image which had to be published manually to the repository. The updated version of the app attempts to simplify the process by also building the executor image and publishing it to the repository on your behalf. The requirement for https when using the updated app to publish the image to the repository is to ensure a secure connection as to not expose the provided credentials by transmitting them in an insecure way.

You can still use the app to create the dockerfile for you. On page/step 4 of the app it gives you both the text output of the dockerfile that it creates as well as a link to download the file. You could download this file and the follow the steps you would with the old version of the app to build the image yourself and upload it to the repository.

Again I would highly recommend you review the documentation previously provided as it goes into detail on exactly how to use the app as well as how to do this manually without using the app.