Document Dictionary Replacer not Replace Strings with space

Hi there,

does somebody know if the Document String Replacer is able to replace Strings with space in-between. (Combound words).
If I create a Table with one word to replace it with another it in all documents It works. If I create a String with two words in does not replace anything.

Idea replacing combound words with words with underscore in documents:
data scientist should then be data_scientist.

I could not get it working.

BR and Thanks

Hi @sschacht,

the String Replacer or Dictionary Replacer node unfortunately work with single words only, but there is a ticket to enable multi-word replacements.

If you want to combine words, you could use the Dictionary Tagger node though. You can provide “data scientist” as a term in the dictionary and the Dictionary Tagger will internally combine each occurence of these two words into one. You can try it out and then use the Bag of Words Creator node to see the combined terms. Using this approach helps to avoid combining words by using an underscore.




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