Document to string

Hi guys,

a few weeks ago I have asked whoch node could help me to convert a column Doctype) to a string type. Document to string

The problem that I saw here, is that the node doubles each row, so for example:

  1. Germany
  2. Thailand
  3. Turkey

Thank the node makes

  1. Germany
  2. Germany
  3. Thailand
  4. Thailand
  5. Turkey
  6. Turkey

I don’t know why, the only thing that I want is that it converts from doc type to string type.
in the configuration I just have to specify the column that I wanted to change.

Coud someone help me?

Thanks and kind regards,

I am really confused and tried different things to solve this problem, but unfortunately I have the same problem. Is there anyone who knows how to solve this?

Kind regards,


One of them is the title and the other one is the content.
To solve this:
In the configuration window of the String to Document where you first converted your string to document, select the “Empty string” for the “Title”.



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