Document Viewer and the use of the "pencil" and "paint bucket" tools



I tried to use without success the "pencil" and the "paint bucket" icons that appear when a document is opened in the "document viewer".


For what are they used for? How to use and explore these tools?


Many thanks in advance,


Hi Cadu,


when activating the pencil button, terms with tags assigned are highlited. The hilight color can be specified by clicking the paint bucket button. Of course tags have to be assigned before hand by a tagger node. The type of the tags which are highlited can be specified by the drop down menu right beside the paint bucket button. To make use of this create a workflow like:

any document parser or [Strings To Document] -> any tagger node, e.g. [Dictionary Tagger] -> Document Viewer

The terms tagged by the dictionary tagger are hilighted by clicking the pencil button, in the specified color. Furthermore links are created, linking to the specified Search Engine (see drop down menu right beside "Link to"). By clicking on a highlited term a browser window will open, with the search engine website and the term as search query.


Cheers, Kilian

Hi there

I usually view the document using this document viewer.But it can not work anymore after my updating.So i have to install a new one.I want to know that whether there is a powerful document viewer which supports to view pdf document and word document.Thanks for any suggestion.

Hi Nana,

from which version to which version have you updated KNIME Textprocessing?

The Document Viewer provided by the Textprocessing plugin shows documents coming from KNIME only. It is made to display the documents contained in the document cells. You can parse .pdf or .doc files with the right parser node and than use the Document Viewer node to display them.

Cheers, Kilian