Documentation for KNIME SDK

I started to develop a KNIME node following the “Create a New Java based KNIME Extension” guide. I set up the sdk, target platform and ran the example project without any issue, but I can’t find any documentation about the SDK API in any place. I mean something like the standard javadocs which show the classes aviable with their methods and what they do.
I’ve looked through the KNIME Documentation sections, the Developers section and guide and the GitHub repositories but most of the links that had something to do with the documentation took me back to “Create a New Java based KNIME Extension”.
Does such documentation exists? Where can I find it?

Hi @xandor19,

it does not exist in a separate place. Only within the source code itself.

Best regards

Than you for your response.

If I may, it would be useful to have such documentation, even if it is in a simple javadoc generated with Eclipse itself. I’m having some delays because I have to do instantiations and tests with the autocomplete on the classes to know which functionalities they provide and so on.

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