Does Any created Workflow for Lottery Prediction?

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Does Any created Workflow for Lottery Prediction?

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@Purushothaman welcome to the knime forum. You could combine a loop with a random number generator.

Here you go. A slightly over-engineered workflow to draw lottery numbers :slight_smile:

@Purushothaman ,

Welcome to the forum. It depends what you mean by lottery prediction. If you are asking can KNIME predict this weeks lottery numbers, then it is not possible. However, there are multiple statistical approaches you can use to evaluate whether there are opportunities to increase your chances of winning (or, in reality, not losing as much). Lottery is based on headline grabbing top prizes which you are unlikely to win, whilst sucking small amounts of money from as large a number of people as possible - as with all gambling, the casino/lottery company always wins - there are better ways to make money.

  1. Use descriptive statistics to identify whether the lottery is fair - Lottery machines are designed and built to generate random sequences of numbers. There are rigorously tested and statistically analysed to ensure that all numbers have an equal probability of being drawn. However, there is nothing to prevent machines being damaged and worn and that, over time, the results of the machines exhibit statistical bias. I would expect that lottery organisers routinely check their machines and this is a very limited opportunity. But analysing drawn numbers may identify bias that can be exploited.
  2. Select numbers to maximises changes of winning a prize - Many lotteries have a tiered prize structure depending on the quantity of numbers matched. So matching two from six numbers wins a low prize and matching all numbers match the jackpot. maluber71 pointed you to a random number generator. However, you may want to extend this such that if the smallest prize is for matching two tickets, your recommended ticket purchases do not include the same number doublets on any two tickets. If the minimum prize if for matching three numbers, you would not want the same number triplets repeated on tickets, etc…
  3. Maximise the value of a pool prize - Some lotteries (e.g. EuroMillions) have a prize pool for each prize tier which is based upon the number of tickets purchased. The actual prize value in each prize pool is determined by dividing the prize pool by the number of winning tickets. Peoples purchasing behaviour is not random, and the numbers picked for tickets are biased, therefore, certain less popular combinations of numbers will result in bigger prizes for a winning ticket. Note, the chances of winning doesn’t increase only the value of a prize if you do have winning numbers. The lottery companies do not publish the frequency with which numbers are chosen by players. However, it is possible given the winning numbers, value of prizes and data from a sufficiently large number of draws to infer the probability distribution with which numbers are chosen by players (e.g. using regression or Bayesian modelling).
  4. Only play in draws with large jackpots - A final scenario, you have a fixed sum of money that you are prepared to lose without return each year and you want to use that money to to buy as many tickets as possible only in those draws where the jackpot is sufficiently large that it would be a life changing event. Therefore, you need to forecast how many draws in each year will be above your jackpot threshold so that you can work out how many tickets you can afford to buy in those jackpots from your fixed budget.

There are multiple ways of solving these problems in KNIME, however, it requires a certain amount of statistical knowledge to identify what problem you are trying to solve and how to go about doing it. Once the problem is articulated and the approach you want to take to solve it, then it will be easier for people to suggest possible workflows.

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A very good summary @DiaAzul . I was simply going to write that the only person I know of who was attempting lottery prediction left the forum very suddenly and was last seen living in the Caribbean on a yacht… But I don’t know if he ever finished the workflow…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


I found him!


Seems like they opted for No. 2 from @DiaAzul 's list.

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lol @takbb @iCFO :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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