Does DB writer node have limit on the number of columns it can write to ?

I would like to use KNIME to write / insert data from one on-premise database to AZURE sql database.
My table has 97 columns.

When I ran the workflow attached , the console showed.

“ERROR DB Writer 3:369 Execute failed: I/O Error: Connection reset”

I had to use Column Filter Node to spilt my table in half ( one has 53 columns, other has 44 ) and the DB writer Node worked.

It seems DB writer can’t write 97 columns.
Is there a limit on the number of columns it can handle or do I miss some configuration?
Could you please suggest how can I write 97 columns at a time.

I’ve sent you a PM to follow up on the issue.

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DB Writer node itself does not have any limitation when it comes to rows/columns to be inserted. However, jdbc driver can have such limitations. Switching from built in jtds to official MS jdbc driver seems to have solved the problem.


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