Does knime components support Twitter API V2

twitter has released lately the new API V2 with lot more functionality and content retrival. Would like to know if the released component support the new API and if no, how can we access the newer functionality . Python script may not be a good idea for non coder.
would request the knime team to update release for the components.


Welcome to the KNIME Forum. Currently we are using the old API version of twitter. At some point we may update the node - there is a ticket to do that (AP-18039). We are so interested in which of the new features you are most interested in.

If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact us again.


Thanks for swift revert…not very specific on any field while several features like url profile and link click count and places is quite interesting. Monthly Retrival itself is quite enticing.


Hello again AnilKS,

Thank you for telling us the things that interest you most about Twitter API V2. This helps our developers set priorities for future work.

Best regards!

Hi @josegallardo,

are there any news about the updated nodes for Twitter API v2?

I would like to monitor the software and plugins we use for our app. So I thought I gather information to some hashtags from certain profiles in twitter (for example with these search parameters: (fix OR hotfix OR bugfix OR alert OR security OR exploit) (@angular)) and maybe devolop some kind of sentiment analysis for security alerts.

Backstory is, that I don’t have to read so much news but run the workflow once a week and get the information about what software to look closer. This won’t be easy I guess, but maybe I will manage it with a good tweet-database and some NLP.

Best regards

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Hello @AnilKS ,
would be great if you could share which features of the API V2 are you interested in and their use cases.

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