Does Knime have Databricks Spark v3.5 support?

Using Knime 5.1.2 and the Spark support options in the Create Databricks Environment node only goes up to v3.4. Is, or will, Spark v3.5 be supported in any higher version of Knime? Would like to know before I upgrade to look for it.

Hi @benpope ,

We’re looking into updating our nodes to support Spark 3.5. However, at this time, it is not yet supported and I can’t provide a timeline for the time being. I have added your “+1” on our internal ticket so that our product team can prioritize accordingly.

Personally, I would still recommend looking into a KNIME update when KNIME 5.2.1 is released. It brings many really nice improvements for the new user interface, among other improvements and bugfixes (changelog). :slight_smile:

Kind regards

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