Does KNIME server small allow web portal access?

I want to deploy a small KNIME server on AWS. I also want to execute the workflow from web portal. The price pages says: “No free consumers” in
“Number of consumers with access to analytical applications and services via the KNIME WebPortal” row for the small version.
It has 5 users for the small license. Can I still access the web portal with the user’s account?

Hello @knimeavnst ,

Yes, all the 5 users will access to the WebPortal.
Maybe the pricing page was not unambiguous regarding to the description of ‘user’ and ‘consumer’. Here is a part of our documentation, KNIME Server Administration Server Guide:
‘a user is someone who logs in from a KNIME Analytics Platform client to e.g. upload workflows, set schedules, or adjust permissions. On the other hand, a consumer is someone who can only execute workflows from either the KNIME WebPortal or via the KNIME Server REST API.’

So user is a bit higher in the ‘hierarchy’.


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