Does Knime support packages other than Anaconda packages?

Hello everyone,

I’m using Python Script node to run my Jupyter Notebook, which includes packages that are not one of Anaconda packages, and I guess due to that, I’m getting the following error "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘snscrape’"
Is there any suggestion on how to avoid such conflict?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @JayR
I have the same problem.

Thanks in advance too!!

@MoLa_Data, @JayR you can use whatever Python installation you want. In this case I would suggest you install a basic Python version 3.8 or greater and then install the package via pip; and see if any compatibility issues arise.

If you are successful you could use a Conda environment propagation and see if you can ‚save‘ your environment.


Thanks @mlauber71, but the problem is that I can’t install that package “Snscrape” using conda command, since it’s not available for installation from

@JayR you should activate the conda environment you are using with KNIME and try to just install it via pip

pip3 install snscrape


pip install snscrape

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