Doing hundreds of comparisons

I want to build a workflow that compares salaries for two separate months, and tell which bonus type is responsible for the salary change. There are 9 bonuses for each month.
Below is a demo of what I am talking about
bonus 1 and bonus 2
bonus 1 and bonus 3
bonus 1 and bonus 4… and so on
bonus 1 and bonus 2 and bonus 3
bonus 1 and bonus 2 and bonus 4…and so on

I started using a Rule-based row filter and noticed that need to use 512 of them (Since there are 9 bonus types and 2**9 =512). Please is there a way I can achieve this with KNIME? Or is it completely out of the scope of KNIME?
I have attached a sample of an excel file
Comparing.xlsx (8.9 KB)

Hi @chefor99

maybe checking only for one bonus type (9 separate nodes) and concatenate only those records which has a bonus salary to a single table which you afterwards can aggregate with a groupby node reduces this complexity.


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