Dose Response Node

Hi All,

I would like to modify the code for the dose-response node that comes with Knime.  I like that the node has an ouput for the figure and one for the data.  Everytime that I make chances to the code and hit the apply button the code is reset back to the original state.  Do I need to use eclipse to modify the code?



You mean the node under Community > HCS-Tools > Screenmining ? (Or is there any other?)

It is not possible for this node to change the code. You even don't see the full code as it is partially within a file loaded via source(...).

Which modifications would you like to do?

I would like to see the allt he paramters of the fit as an output.  For example in a 4 paramter model, the top, bottom, EC50 and the HillSlope.

Thanks for your response.

The new version of the node will provide these parameters as output.

I will try to finish the release this year.


I second to that, these features would be very useful. Also great if one could choose IC90 or IC10, so not just fixed to IC50.