Dose Response (R) node

I am running Dose Response (R) node from HCS Tools using Knime . I did set up R server. Also, I checked the Knime preference and it is looks fine. But I am having problems such as below :

ERROR Dose Response (R) 3:4 Execute failed: Can’t open png graphics device:
Error in png(“rmPlotFile.png”, width = 1000, height = 700) :
unable to start png() device

I am wondering if any one came across this problems.


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I have never seen such a problem before. Maybe it’s worth to check stackoverflow answers?
Did you try to create a png in R? (to see whether the problem comes from R or from the node)


Hi Antje,
png is auto selected in the Dose Response R node. However, I tried to make other format without success.


Access right problems?
Did you try to create a png with R? Like this for example:

outfile <- tempfile(fileext='.png')
# Generate the PNG
png(outfile, width=400, height=300)
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