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I managed to get some demo dose-response curves using the brilliantly simple Example Data and Dose-Response (R) nodes, together with an R server. I wondered though if it is possible to get individual plots per compound (one curve each). Now all curves are plotted together in one graph. Is this dependent on the input data? Or is there a configuration setting I have missed?

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If you want a single curve per plot, you should loop over the compounds and/or parameters (group loop start) and use the dose response node inside the loop.

That should do the trick.



I just run into the exact same problem and so I implemented the ‘Group Loop’ node. But I’m having trouble concatenating the DRC images into a table.

Following the Group Loop node I put the Dose response node. From there I pass the data to a Concatenate (Optional in) node and then terminate with a Loop End node. This part works fine (I end up with a summary table of the DRC data). I also pass the image output from the Dose response node to a Image To Table node and then again to a Concatenate (Optional in) node. But here I end up only with the last processed image and not a table with all the DRC images. When I put an interactive table view node after the Image To Table node and execute the loop, I can see the individual dose response curve images fly by - but they are not concatenated. What - if anything - am I missing?

Sorry, I missed some forum entries since a while…

I have two questions/comments:

  1. why do you use a ‘Concatenate’ node? The ‘Loop End’ will concatenate the results anyway.
  2. ‘Image To Table’ is fine. No ‘Concatenate’. Either you connect that table to a ‘Loop End (2 ports)’. Then you should end up with 2 tables, One containing the data, the other containing the plots.
    Or, you use the ‘Joiner’ to join plots and data into one table and then pass it to a ‘Loop End’ with just one port.

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