Double execution of workflow scheduled on KNIME Server

Hi @jonfuller,
I will test the workflow and let you know accordingly regarding Issue#1 . We are using KNIME server 4.6.2.

I also have another issue with the KNIME Scheduler and is explained below.

Issue #2 :
This is another issue that we have observed with the KNIME Scheduler on the production server(specs are mentioned below) that we did not experience on our development server(specs are mentioned below). When a workflow is scheduled to execute once a day it triggers 2 times as shown below. The below workflows are set to execute at 3AM and 1:32 AM respectively but you can see that it fires off 2 times.


I split this into a separate topic to keep the two discussions separate. I think that will make things easier, hope you don’t mind.

I’ve not seen behaviour like that before. For this issue I’d need to take a look at the KNIME Server logs. Which you can download via the KNIME AdminPortal. I’ve contacted you via DM, so that you can share the logs privately.

Hi @jonfuller. We are working with @jeffgullick-knime to get the issue resolved.

Thanks for mentioning that. We pushed out a fix for this as part of KNIME Server 4.6.5 patch release. I believe that you confirmed to Jeff that the issue is now solved.