Double Quote the entire data except for column headers while writing into CSV File

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I am stuck in one of my workflows and need your help.

I have a processed dataset with 120 columns in KNIME. The requirement is I need to save the data in CSV file in a way that the complete data is within the double quotes except for the column headers.
I tried using the Quote char option while writing the CSV file but it double quotes the column headers as well.

I just need the values in all the columns to be in double quote and not the column headers.

Request you all to kindly help me with a solution for the above.


Hi @gautamnair06 & welcome to the KNIME forum

This can be easily done in two steps using the -CSV Writer- node. In the first step, one can just write the header without quotes and all the rows in a second step, this time with quotes:

Please find here below a link to the workflow in the HUB:

Hope this helps.



Thank you so much for the help Ael.
Appreciate it.


My pleasure @gautamnair06 and glad it helped. Thank you for validating the answer :slight_smile:

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