Dowload Extentions as a zip- File


I work with KNIME from a Server, which has the DB Connectivity I need, but doesn’t have an Internet Connection. In order to install KNIME- Extentions I have to do this from a local File (or local Folder).

I know there is the possibility to dowload KNIME Extentions as a ZIP-Archive- File, but I can not find where. I haven’t succes with google search or Search at KINIME Homepage .

Any advice would be helpful !

Then I can then copy this File to “my” Server with KNIME where I work and then I can choce this File unther “Help”–> “Insatll New Software” → “Add” → “Local” .

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi @pep44 -

This part of our documentation should provide the necessary links: KNIME Analytics Platform Installation Guide


Hello @pep44,

There is also Forum search :wink:



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Thanks! It worked well.
Especially what I looked for was in the Community Extensions (Trusted).


Hi @ScottF, Hello all,
It is of course a good solution to install extensions from a local zip file if the working environment hasn’t access to the remote update site, but how can I deal dependencies?
I found what I looked for: Vernalis Knime Nodes in the Community Extensions (Trusted) and started installing, but got: “…requires ‘osgi.bundle; [3.0.0,5.0.0)’ …”.
How can I get from which extension I can install the required: “osgi.bundle” ?
I guess I can’t let it install automatically?
Thnak you very much again.

Hello @pep44,

what KNIME version are you using? Remember there were some dependencies issues in one of previous versions but not sure was it related to Vernalis extension @Vernalis


Do you have the option highlighted below selected:

If not, please try selecting it and then installing, or install the requirement manually first (I think it is part of the KNIME Base Chemistry types feature)



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