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Dear Community,
This might be a quite easy one for experienced KNIME users. I am pretty new to this and your help would be greatly appreciated.
I am trying download a csv using this weblink:

If I enter it in my browser the file is downloaded without any problems.
I would be very grateful for a hint on which node (I tried but failed with CSV-Reader, GET-Request) I should use and how it should be properly configured.
With CSV-Reader I get a “data row has too few data element” response
With GET-Request I get an error “Illegal character in query at index 130”

Thank you so much in advance for your help!
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Hello denisnguyen,

I think this post can help you

hi @denisnguyen
you can read it with the Csv reader node, but you must discard 2 rows at the beginning of the file and 1 at the end.
Configure the “Settings” tab of the node like this

and the “Limit Rows” tab like this


@duristef : Thank you so much - you made my day! May I ask how you got to the solution?

Just intuition. I’ve dealt with such cases before :smile:

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