Download File from Server in Downlaod Widget

Hey everybody,

I want to provide a download of a file existing on the KNIME server in a WebPortal view. The file is not created during the workflow. It is just in a directory on the server.

I tried a lot of things and I’m already really tired of having thousands of workarounds with such things.

Do you have any guidance?


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Hi Johann,

It is not possible to download a repository item directly with the File Download Widget. Repository items and their permissions are managed by the KNIME Server (Tomcat) and they can not be directly downloaded. This is by design. You have two alternatives.

  • Move the file to the workflow using Transfer Files and Create Temp Folder nodes first and then use the download widgets.
  • Use the REST API of the KNIME server to access the file vial a link.
    The endpoint for that is /rest/v4/repository/<path/to/file>:data
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Hey Temesgen,

thank you very much for your answer.

I implemented the KNIME Server Connector, Create Temp Folder and Transfer Files Nodes. It is working as expected now.


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