Download file in a given path and filename+extention

Dear all,

Currently i am trying to download a file from my server via the FTP-Connector node. I created a temp directory, where the tem directory is located in the wf-folder. With the Create Temp-node i set up three additional variables. One is called here_XY_file.fasta.
Via the Download-node i set the download. As an output the workflow thinks that the here_XY_file.fasta is a directory, but I want that my “file_from_server.fasta” downloaded into the Create Temp directory as the “here_XY_file.fasta”.
Can someone help me?
Thank you!

Hi mendu,
watch this:

Have you to physically import the data in the knime workflow or just to rename the file you are downloading?

Hi @Luca_Italy ,
I did physically import the file into the temp_dir-folder. I did not rename the file

Sorry, but can you be a little more clear on what is your goal?
By import in the knime workflow i’m meaning that you can filter and do stuff on the content of that file with the nodes.

Hi @Luca_Italy

As you can see in the first screen, i chose a file, whcih is not downloaded yet.

In the second screen you can see the settings in the crate-Temp node.

I want to download the file in screen 1 into the fasta_file variable that the file is called “DB.fasta”
For that i have to use the “Download”-node. As a result, it looks like this:

but the file “uniprotXY…” should be available as “DB.fasta” in the general temp-directory. not saved in the DB.fasta-directory

In general, my WF looks like this:

Hello @mendu,

if I got you right you would like to option to define file name for downloaded file. Seems this is not possible with Download node but is possible with Download / Upload from List node. Use Variable to Table Row node after Create Temp Dir node to get DB.fasta path in table and follow it with String to URI path to get URI for Target in Download node.

Still a bit confused what are you trying to accomplish as I can see a loop which in each iteration downloads one file (?) with specific name to directory which will be deleted upon reset?


Hi @ipazin

the intention of this step in my WF is, that i need to use the Line Reader node. With the latest update there is a precaution and therefore i cannot use the file because the access gets denied. I will try your qay. Will be right back

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