Download multiple files from Google Cloud Storage

Does anyone know how I can download a directory with files from Google Cloud Storage?
I know how to take only one file, like this:


But I need to take n files from a Google Storage directory, and since the files node in the list needs a string location, it does not recognize the remote file address in the Google Cloud Storage File Picker node, so put the folder address as such, and not occasionally a file.
Do you know if it is possible to do what I need?

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Hi @daviddelos,

Have you tried List Remote Files and Download / Upload From List nodes to download your files?



Hi @armingrudd,
Thanks for answering.

Yes, I had already tried using those two nodes you mention, but with the same settings that worked for me for the Google Cloud Storage File Picker, neither list remote files, nor dowload works. The list remote files node shows me this error when I run it :

ERROR List Remote Files 2:812:123 Execute failed: 400 Bad Request
“error” : “invalid_scope”,
“error_description” : “Invalid OAuth scope or ID token audience provided.”


Maybe you know what can be wrong?

@daviddelos, I set up a similar test workflow and the List Remote Files is working for me (after playing with the scopes and permissions a bit.


In my set up, I added the following scopes Google Authentication (API Key) node:


For the service account I set up to test this, I gave it the Storage Admin role in the GCP console. I did not experiment with assigning a less privileged role to the service account, but you could start there and reduce the privilege until it’s sufficient to your use-case.



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