download widget - how does it work? does it?


I have another problem.
Let’s say I have some file on the server, that I want other people to download via the download wigdet when they execute a workflow over the web portal.
If I create a string with the path, some reader or writer does accept that string - but the download widget does not, it just stays on red with exclamation mark.

Putting that widget in a component also does not help.

So what am I doing wrong?

On executor 3.7.2 the (by now) legacy widgets worked; but on executor 4.0.1 I can’t get it to work (the legacy ones also don’t work anymore)

Thanks in advance, Torsten

The writer works, I just get that error (in red on top) when I execute the workflow from the web portal.


the problem was not the download node but the excel reader/writer node - looks like they have problems to resolve the “knime://knime-server/path_to…” address. maybe similiar to the ssh-connection node.

With csv reader/writer it works.


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