download xls reader

Hello Knimer,

can you tell me how can i download the xls reader, so that i can read xlsx data or write xlsx data? Maybe i also need some help to install it. I am just a beginner in knime. Thanks a lot!

In KNIME go to the Help menu and choose Install New Software.

Now choose All Available Sites from the dropdown menu.

Amongst other features in the list below, XLS Integration will be in the list to update.

Select desired features to install and follow any onscreen prompts.


hello Simon,

thank you very much, the update works at home. In the Office there was connection Problem because of the internet securtity policy.

I wish you have a nice day.

best regards


You can also download the KNIME update site as archive and register it within KNIME as separate update source. Please go to for more details and the download link.