Download .zip files from website


I’m trying to download a .zip file from a website using Webpage Retriever node.

Option 1 Using Web Retriever Note + Xpath - (searching for the file)

Option 2 Using Unzip Files (legacy) node: -

I have no ideia how to webscrap this file (I’ve been practicing Knime for just one week) and store into my local directory. Can anyone give me a clue about how I could get it?

Best regards!

Hello @marcos_alo,

Here you can make use of Get Request Node to retrieve data from website and then use Python Script node to get file names.

and then you can create your own link by using various nodes and send it again to Get Request Node. for eg see below

I also have attached workflow, you can refer to it.

QnA5.knwf (83.8 KB)



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