Downloading excel file from GET api

Hello KNIME Community,
Newbie here. I am trying to do my first workflow - downloading an excel file from an API. I am used to Alteryx and trying KNIME for the first time and coming unstuck.
I have created the workflow with a GET request node where I have provided the URL and the authentication. I have connected this to the excel writer node and when i execute, I don’t get the datafile but get what looks like the status of the API call:
200 no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate attachment; filename=FinalReportData.csv 870 text/csv Sat, 21 Dec 2019 08:48:23 GMT -1 no-cache Microsoft-IIS/10.0 4.0.30319 4.0 1 ARR/3.0,ASP.NET text/csv

What am I doing wrong? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @RPS,

without knowing the exact API I’ve chosen for a possible solution a Google Spreadsheet that uses Excel file sharing.

Here’s an example workflow that might very well provide a good starting point for you:

Merry Christmas

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Hello Mike,
Happy New Year and thanks for the prompt response. I have been slack and had taken some time off since Christmas, hence my tardy reply.
Thanks again for the explanation and the example workflow. I will try it out later today and get in touch if I run into any more difficulties.
Best wishes,

Hi @RPS -

As an aside, you may find this free ebook a helpful resource (written by @Corey):

From Alteryx to KNIME

Many thanks @ScottF - I have downloaded the ebook.

Hi @mw,
I am trying out your workflow now but getting stuck. For Node 1190 (Missing HTTP retriever), I get a message that plugin “ws.palladian.nodes” is not installed. I then installed the plugin from HTTP Retriever and tried to rerun, however I still get the same error message “Node can’t be executed - Node “HTTP Retriever” not available from extension “Palladian for KNIME”; “ws.palladian.nodes” is not installed”.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks again for your assistance.

Best wishes,

Does “Palladian” appear in your “Node Repository”?


My assumption: You added the update site but forgot to install Palladian? If you have NodePit installed, you can do this easily by clicking the following icon in the “NodePit” view:

Hi @qqilihq that was certainly the issue which I have now resolved thanks to your advice. Greatly appreciate the help.
Best wishes, RPS

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