Downloading web table

I’m using the trial version (for Knime 4) and attempting to download a table from a web page. I’m not able to figure out a workflow on my own; is there an example to which I can be pointed? Thanks very much.

Hi (again) Jay,

when working with tables, I definitely suggest to have a look at the Table Extractor node first. In case the website provides a properly formatted <table> element this node will automatically convert it to a KNIME table.

Example from the Wikipedia page List of languages by total number of speakers:

Use the Find Elements node to enter the query for the table. Here I’m using the CSS query .wikitable.

Then simply connect a “Table Extractor” and you’ll get a KNIME table which looks as follows:

The workflow is a simple as:


You can find the sample workflow on my NodePit Space:

Feel free to get back in case of questions!



Philipp- thanks a million… that was exactly what I needed and everything is working perfectly. Again, thanks so much for your quick and totally problem-solving response. Just a tip to future post readers: if your extraction is large as mine are, be sure to set timeouts high enough. Also, be sure the target browser is already open.


Just one change in my tip… I’m actually getting a better result by ensuring that the target browser (at least in my case using Chrome) had no instances running. The workflow will open the browser and control it reliably.

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Hi Jay,

great to hear it worked! Happy about the positive feedback. Thank you!

– Philipp