Drag and Drop to KNIME Explorer for csv files


I’m using KNIME Analytics Platform 4.5.2 on Windows 10.
Moving data files close to my workflows is easily done by drag and drop from a Windows Explorer. Unfortunately this does work for “xlsx” and “table” files, but not for “csv”. Could this be extended to allow “csv” as well?


Hi there @Felix_Hagemann and welcome to the forum.

I’m on the same KNIME AP version and OS as you, and I’m not able to reproduce the problem so far. I’ve tried dragging a CSV file to the empty canvas, which creates a CSV Reader and opens its configuration. I’m also able to drag a CSV file to the KNIME Explorer to store it as part of a workflow group.

Do you get an error in the console when you try to do this? Can you perhaps post a screenshot or even an animated GIF of what happens on your side?

Hi Scott,

dragging CSV files to the canvas (creating a Reader node) always worked for me. A colleague suggested to try to drag into a folder on our KNIME Server instance, which (much to my suprise) worked. And after that dragging to a folder in my local workspace worked as well.
So, even though this was bugging me for weeks, I cannot reproduce any more. Sorry for the noise!

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