Draw line segments in OSM Map View

OSM Map View node does it well when it comes to draw poligons (eg. 3 different <Latitude, Longitude> points).

However, it was not possible for me to use it for drawing line segments (only 2 different points).

For example, this two points:

I only get the points plotted, but I need the whole line.


Hi peleitor,

You can draw a like segment by specifying a column for the map markers in the Map Polygons property in the configuration dialog of the OSM Map View. Please take a look at the knime://EXAMPLES/03_Visualization/04_Geolocation/05_Visualizing_Routes_and_Tracks_with_OSM workflow on the EXAMPLES server for more details.


Hi peleitor,

thanks for pointing out that it doesn’t work for two points. I filled an issue in our ticket system, but can’t tell, when it’s going to be fixed.

However, as a dirty workaround, you could reference every point twice within the list that makes up a polygon (see the attached workflow OSM_Viz_Line.knwf (749.2 KB)).


Thanks for your reply. That solution works fine for just 1 segment, but what if I had several segments?

For example, if I have two segments (which I need to paint with different colour depending on some attribute) this solution does not seem to work. Or maybe I am wrong…

More in general, it would be useful that OSM node could plot an ‘open polygon’ (eg. a collection of adjacent segments).


It work’s almost the same way (see workflow OSM_Viz_Line.knwf (751.6 KB)).

Plotting open polygons (i.e. polygonal lines) should work with the OSM nodes (OSM Map View as well as OSM Map to Image). E.g., checkout the knime://EXAMPLES/03_Visualization/04_Geolocation/05_Visualizing_Routes_and_Tracks_with_OSM-workflow on the example server.

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