Drop and Drag of a file to workspace is not working.

I am going through the training and when it tells me to drop and drag a file to my workspace, it gives me a circle with a line through it and will not allow me to drop and drag a file. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @klandry1 , and welcome to the KNIME community.

I can think of a couple of reasons why this might happen. Firstly when you say your workspace, I assume that you mean you have a knime workflow open into which you are trying to drag the file. If not, you need to have an open workflow (which can be empty) into which to drop the file,

Secondly what sort of file are you trying to drag onto the workspace? KNIME will only allow you to drag files on if it knows how to handle them as it has to place the appropriate node. So it needs to understand the file type.

If I have a file with the extension .dsv, say, which contains “delimiter separated values” generated outside of KNIME and I try to drop it on KNIME, it will show the circle with a line through it and refuse to accept the file. This is because it doesn’t know what a .dsv for is.

If I change the extension to .csv, knime will accept the file as it knows what node to place on the workflow so that the file can be processed.

If you open the knime console messages window you might see some messages when you attempt to drop the file. If it says something about not having a handler for the file then this would indicate the file isn’t of a known type.


Thank you so much! I was able to drop and drag once the workflow was open and file reader was present.

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