drop-down list in a cell of a table


We are working on a KNIME Workflow where BI users need to visualize and interact with the tables for data validation on the Server (Large KNIME Server) during the workflow execution.

For this validation step, we would like to know if it is possible to have a drop-down list in cells of a column as in this screenshot :

drop-down list in a cell of a table

Alternatively, is it possible to enable autocompletion on the cells of a table with the Table Editor node ?

If it is not possible, are these features planned for future development, as it is very important for our project ?

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Welcome to KNIME forum.
If you have a table with names Row Nominal Value Filter will do the job. Filtered value could be submitted as parameter for the rest of WF.

Thank you for your answer.

I’m not sure it solves our issue, we don’t want to filter data but to lock the options for manual values selection in the table editor.
A field with only controlled value but no dropdown list or autocompletion in the editor would not be appropriated as our actual goal is to have an ergonomic UI.

You can see a sreenshot of an example of what we would like :


Perhaps we didn’t understand your answer, could you provide us an example please ?

Thank you

Hi there @caro77,

sounds interesting what you are trying. You said it is for data validation? Is it a big table? Can you tell me where would you have this options come from? A column from the same table or would be defined separately? Ideally I guess you would like both drop-down and autocomplete on the cell?

Unfortunately currently to have a drop-down in a cell is not possible. Actually I don’t think it is possible to add a column to table using just Table Editor node in a Component on a WebPortal. At least I haven’t found a way.

What could be done are two things. One is a feature request for this use cases and another is workaround. I can share example once I have all information.


Hi Ivan @ipazin ,

We’re also interested in this feature. We have the same need :slightly_smiling_face: :

In the Table Editor, for an particular editable column, the user can choose a value in a cell (or autocomplete). These values are predefined ones.

If you have a workaround for this, it’ll be really appreciated!

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Thanh Thanh

Hi there,

just to follow up: there is already a feature request for it and I have added +1 on it.

@tttpham Actually not sure how effective this workaround would be but still I can share idea. You can build Component in a loop which goes row by row (Chunk Loop) and then you go row by row on WebPortal. In Component you add Value Selection Widget, Table View and Constant Value Column that in each iteration writes down chosen value. If you have table with 10 rows this might be ok but with more rows this wouldn’t be effective at all.


Need example or picture is enough?


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Hi @ipazin,

Thanks for your reply.
I understand what you suggested, the image is clear enough. Thanks for sharing!
However, as you say, this will be ok with a small table. In our case, the table is about 230000 lines @@, so it’ll be complicated without the “inline cell drop-down list” in the table editor…

About the feature request, we can also vote for it ?


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Thanh Thanh

Hi @tttpham,

I see. Won’t work for that many lines. But having a inline cell drop-down list will also take a lot of time when having 230.000 lines or I’m missing something?

You just voted by expressing your interest :wink:


Hi @ipazin,

It is actually a really long validation process. The users need to see the data all together, do some check and then validate line by line. So, it’ll be a great help if they can edit directly the cell in the table.

You can provide me with the link to the feature request please ? :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Thanh Thanh

tttpham, with the volume of manual work the automation may be the better option. All the checking your mentioned have to be formalized, if possible, and automated. Try to solve the bigger task. The one on hand may not worth a separate consideration.

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Hi there @tttpham,

I see. Can’t provide you with a link. Ticketing system is not public. But can inform you once there is progress on this matter.


Hi @ipazin,

Thanks a lot !!! Looking forward to have this feature :slight_smile:

And hi @izaychik63,

Thanks for your answer. We have automated all possible steps. This last step, unfortunately, is required to be manual validation process.

Best regards,

Thanh Thanh

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Hi Ivan,

here is what I have so far.

The Problem is that there is no Dropdown menu in the replaced collumn.
Would be nice to get some Help.


Having a similar user story, we implemented a Generic Javascript View node (JS code) which reads the content of the table, creates an HTML table from that, and adds one dropdown per row into the last column of this custom table visual. I cannot share our code but it is quite straightforward.
Output vairable can be a dictionary between your original rowID and the newly input values, so you could join the manually selected values back to your original table.
However, when it comes to 200k lines, this approach might get too slowly performing (our case works well but we have only ~100 lines max)

I hope this helpful to you, bests,


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