Dropdown option in a column to auto populate the other column data


I am building a flow to be run via the Knime portal where the users are requested to provide inputs to certain Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which is later reviewed and uploaded on to SAP HANA server where the output is used as the data for the tableau dashboards.

The reason I want to have it as a dropdown is to let the user input more than 1 KPI input at one go.

Below is an image of what I am trying to achieve. Please let me know i this is possible.


Hi @Srinivas_k

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That is possible with the Value Selection Widget node, which allows selecting one value from a dropdown. In case you want users to be able to select multiple values in one go, you can go via the Multiple Selection Widget node, where you bring in the possible values via a flow variable.

Does that help?


Hi Alice,

Thanks. I was able to solve the dropdown option. But the dependant fields do not change with the dropdown selection.

In my example snip, when I select Sales the unit should change over to Unit, Type and Version that was assigned to Sales and should not remain as %, Realized and latest which is assigned to Profit.

Hope I make sense.


Hello @Srinivas_k
There are some walkaround when building dashboards. You can configure a ‘CASE Switch Start’ system that habilitates the input to your dashboard based in your parent selection (KPI in your case).

Connecting all the alternative preconfigured widgets to the respective branch, and a Refresh Button associated. Downflow you collect the branches with a ‘CASE Switch End’ to continue the workflow.

I hope this is clear. BR

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