DUMP files location


I need to check if there is some dump files generated with kinme crashes and i don’t know the suposed location of those. Any one knows?


Hello @jpages,

don’t think there are files created when KNIME crashes but might be wrong. (Can crash report be OS dependent?) And when talking about OS which one are you using?

However after crash you can check log files for more info. Please make sure to put log level to DEBUG.
(This is done within KNIME if you go File --> Preferences --> KNIME)

Location of log files is following:

  • ...\knime-workspace\.metadata\knime\knime.log
  • ...\knime-workspace\.metadata\.log

But maybe we can fix KNIME so it doesn’t crash if you tell us more about it? For start why and when is KNIME crashing? What KNIME version are you using?



To my knowleadge, but might be wrong, when kinme crashed creates a dump file. I’m cleaning my drive so i need to know the files directory just to eliminate them. I can’t tell you the crash error becouse it’s not crashing now but I know it crashed in the past.

Thanks a lot.

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Hello @jpages,

you are right. KNIME does create dump file upon some “crashes” and it’s located under current working directory. Deleting them makes sense as some can be big. Hope this helps!



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