Dunn Index for evaluating clusters

Hi all,

Is there any node in KNIME that allows me to use any evaluating meaures (such as Root-mean-square standard deviation (RMSSTD) of the new cluster, Semi-partial R-squared (SPR),  R-squared (RS) Distance between two clusters (CD), Partition Coefficient (PC), Classification Entropy (CE), Partition Index (PC), Separation Index (S), Xie and Beni's Index (XB), Inter-Cluster Density (ID), Davies-Bouldin (DB) index, Dunn's Index (DI), Alternative Dunn Index (ADI) and so on ) to evaluate the cluaters?  And how can I use the node?


Thanks in advance


Hi singing bird,

At the moment KNIME Analytics Platform doesn't offer a node that calculates the measures you mentioned. The only way is to manually calculate those measures.



thanks Vincenzo