Duplicate and original values


So I filtered everything and it works great and it’s showing duplicate values however it’s only showing
One of the duplicate values and I want it to show both as they are different transactions. I think since I told it to base it off duplicate numbers it’s only doing that which is correct but it’s only showing me one of the duplicates and not both

Hi @jratchf9 , Welcome to the KNIME forum.

Can you show us what it is you are doing, (which nodes you are using and how they are configured) and give an example of how you want the data to appear?

I am assuming you’re using Duplicate Row Filter? Did you perhaps configure it to “remove duplicate rows” rather than keep them?

so I have these nodes and in the duplicate it’s doing duplicates by date and by amount but it’s only showing the duplicate value but not both of them. It’s hard to show I as it’s classified information so I can’t really take a picture

Hi @jratchf9, perhaps you can create a similar workflow with dummy data, just showing the specifics. At least tell me WHICH nodes you are using, and how you have them configured.

For example:

There is never a need to upload sensitive information, and we wouldn’t expect it, but it is always possible to produce a minimal example dataset that exhibits the specific problem faced (as I have attempted to do above, but clearly the person asking the question is better placed to produce some demonstration data).

The more information you can give , and the clearer you can be, the easier it will be to assist you. Also, whilst I can infer that what you are wanting is to show all the rows rather than removing duplicates, it would be better if as well as saying what is happening, be more explicit about exactly what you want the output to be, because there are more often than not multiple ways to achieve a variety of “similar” results.


Thank you that worked!

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