Duplicate Excel file with new name

For my workflow, I want to be able to get an excel file from the Desktop and duplicate it with the current month’s name. So, the old file has the previous month’s name in this format “…NEW - July” and I’m trying to make another file that says “…NEW - August” that is basically the duplicate of the original file. The part that I’m not sure how to do is make the duplicate file. I think I can figure the relabeling part.

Thanks in advance!

@beckj welcome to the knime forum. I think the Transfer Files – KNIME Hub node might help.


Thanks for the assistance! I’m running into another problem where I’m trying to connect all of the older file’s sheets (the one I plan on duplicating) to the new excel file (with the current month’s name). I’m not sure how I should be connecting the Transfer file node correctly. Right now it’s making an empty excel file with the new sheet that I have the new data. But instead, I want to duplicate the old data’s file and insert a new tab with new data. Please help!

@beckj sorry for the late reply. Maybe you set up an example of what you want to do. Would there be new sheets in the same excel file oder a new excel file with all the sheets plus one more. Would the sheet need to have special formats?

  • With the transfer you could copy the file as is to a new location (with a new name)
    there you could insert new data in an existing sheet - maybe even keeping the formats (Writer Node Issues - #2 by mlauber71)
  • you could insert data into a new sheet with a new name but you would have to restore the formats with the help of the Continental nodes
  • if you want to copy a sheet to a new name you would need OpenPyxl and Python

So your task will involve some planning. So best to start with building a small dummy scenario that could be extended.

You can rename an Excel file but you will also need Python to do that. Here is a Component that could demonstrate that (hopefully):

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