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I’m having issues with the way my Excel files are being exported. Is there a way to click something, so that Writer Node wouldn’t totally change everything? If I just use Excel Reader and then Excel Writer everything is completely changed. The main issue is especially that it removes links from my Excel file and the dates get totally changed. I have an idea how to change the dates issue through manipulations, but I’m kinda clueless about URLs. Some of the formatting issues can be solved through Continental Nodes for KNIME, but it just seems odd to me that so much extra work is needed to be done. Do I really need to configure everything through nodes before writing Excel file again or is there a way to keep everything as it was? Anyone maybe had a similar issue?

Thanks for the help in advance!

@helpmeplease if you want the structure of your Excel file unchanged and just change values there are these options, if you must change data on a pre-formatted sheet (otherwise you might just replace this sheet). The Excel Cell Updater can change values in specific cells.

You can use a community node to write to an Excel file without changing the structure or formats:

You can the use Python and OpenPyxl to do more complex editings of excel files. You will have to plan ahead what this does to you files.

Otherwise you might indeed use the Continental Nodes to format your excel sheet after you have exported the data (this might be the safest option from a KNIME persspective).

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Hi, thanks for a fast reply. “Write to Excel Template” works nicely for keeping the raw data, except for some minor changes in dates, but that’s not that big of an issue.

Nevertheless, it seems to work for one sheet only. If I understand correctly, It cannot be linked to Excel Writer at the end.

In our company, we keep doing the same pivot tables/group by on various raw data on dailly/weekly basis, that is formated the same way (columns, headers etc.). What I want to do is a workflow, where my colleagues would be able to import the raw data and the output would have the same formating as the raw data, with pivot/group by aggregations on separate sheets in order to create graphs from it (which one day will hopefully also be created automatically). :smiley:

The logic should be somehow similar to what I’ve done with flow variable port at the top (the use of it totally wrong as far as my KNIME knowledge goes, it was used for better visualisation of the problem I’m working on).

Anyone has an idea how to tackle this issue?

I guess you can create a loop or connect the variable ports sequentially to write 3 times into your file and use the template that way

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Do you maybe have an example of a workflow you did?

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