Duplicated Row ID in a joiner

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I am new to Knime, I took over the maintenance of a workflow for my company, and I have a issue with the duplicated row problem.
To be simple each line is adding a column with a stock info grouped by month, but it appears that for a product without a supply info, two row ID are created, and then I try to join the whole thing, I have the duplicated row message.
I don’t know how to fix it, and I am sure to don’t be clear at all right now… What info can I give you to have a clearer vision of the issue here ?
The way I solve the issue for the moment is to put a row filter and delete a full line of the row ID, not working for the long term.
The issue is random for the moment, it can appear on daily basis or not for a week.

I need your help guys !

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Can you reproduce that error?

It will be hard to diagnose this problem with only a screenshot. Could be the input formatting, the node settings, or something else.
Can you share your workflow and some data? If your data is sensitive, try to upload dummy data (and let’s hope the problem still appears!). Please also describe more detailed what that metanode is supposed to do.
This link about minimal, reproducible workflow examples might be helpful:

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@MatOk welcome to the KNIME forum. You might want to check your IDs and make sure you always have the right ID. You can either keep the ID in a separate column and use that or if you want to use RowdID you might have to make sure your RowID is the one you want to use.

I hope this example might help.

You can always convert the current RowID to a column and you can convert a column to a RowID.

return $$ROWID$$;

If you want to handle your duplicates and understand about them you can read this article:

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