Reproducible (Minimal) Workflow Example

Hi there KNIMErs!

What is this topic about?
This topic is about helping yourself and KNIME community!

By creating and sharing workflow examples that help and can be successfully ran by others :wink:

When logic requires it. For example when you are opening a topic in order to get help (you are getting error or can’t configure node and would like someone else to take a look what is wrong; or you started a workflow and got stuck so need help with next step), when you are reporting a bug or someone else needs help and you are ready to share your knowledge and expertise!

In new or existing topics as a link to workflow from your KNIME Hub space. (Or if this doesn’t work then like topic attachment (via drag and drop or attachment icon) after you exported workflow.)

How to ensure that workflow can be ran by other KNIMERs?
Put data into your workflow folder and use workflow relative path to it, or attach needed data together with workflow, or don’t reset your workflow when exporting.

What if my data is confidential?
Please never share confidential data with us! Create dummy or artificial data that represents your data well enough. This can be done using nodes from KNIME Data Generation extension, or just with a Table Creator node.

What if credentials are required for workflow to ran?
Obviously workflow example doesn’t help in this case but no worries. These topics are also addressed and get solved frequently.

Where to start?
Take a look at this template at KNIME Hub. It provides couple of options to create dummy data and uses KNIME relative path to files which are stored in data folder within workflow folder. Workflow folder also contains output folder where output data can be written. (This is just a template that can help and it is no necessary to use it as you are free to create your own.)

Tnx to everyone who are already creating and sharing awesome workflow examples and to those that will start doing so!