Duplicates removal

Knime example .xlsx (9.3 KB)

Hello everyone!

I would appreciate it if someone can give me an idea of how to solve this problem in Knime.

The task is to remove the same duplicated rows if the conditions are met:
1. All data except Value are same
2. The 2 same rows can be removed only if the Value of the first one is negative and second one is positive of the same number ( example 15 and -15)

I have tried to convert negative number to positive using abs function of a math node, but have no idea what to do next, since wrong rows can be removed.

the example Excel file is attached

Thank you

That’s not a traditional duplicates. Anyway,

node could help.


Hi @sherknime,

I build a small workflow. Its not pretty but it seems to work.

dub_remove.knwf (17.9 KB)

Best regards,



Hi @goodvirus

This workflow works.

Now I will try to implement it in my work-related files, which is more sophisticated :smiley: Hopefully I will do it

Thank you very much!


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