Dynamic Column Selection using KNIME Webportal

Hi all,

Could any one assist with the following:

We are required to build out a Dynamic Column Mapping Tool which would allow a user to input column names read by the Extract Column Node to a Set of Variable column names on the Web Portal.

We have build the component that can do the matching and rename the input data files column names to the selected variable names but we would like the table to configure the input file names to the variable names to be on the web portal.

An example workflow looks like this at the moment:

We would like the mapping Table to be present on the Portal to allow the user to manually map the columns as the input data names change frequently. Additionally could this solution use a drop down option by reading all column names and allowing the user to select the option which should match the config Variable Name.



Hi Miguel,

If I understood you correctly, you can use the Table Editor node (connect it to your manually created table) and edit the values in a column of your choice.


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