Dynamic naming of the excel extract by date in share point

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I have a workflow which reads data from excel writer node extract. I need to write my excel extract by date, whenever i extract it to make it unique. However, i need to do this in sharepoint. Is there a solution for me ?

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You can create dynamic file paths from flow variables using the Create File/Folder Variables node. The file name can be created by chaining Create Date&Time Range (1 row, start time = execution time), String Manipulation (optional for modifying the file name), and Table Row to Variable. Then you can give that variable with the desired file name to the Create File/Folder Variables node and the path it creates you can pass on to your writer.
Here is a simple workflow on Hub that demonstrates the concept: Integrate Execution Date in File Name – KNIME Community Hub. For Sharepoint, you need to let the Create File/Folder Variables nodes know about your connection by clicking the three small dots on the node and adding a file system connection port. Then connect your Sharepoint Connection to that.

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Here is my solution:
I created listFiles/folder for 2 different location.
The above is for the location that i saved the output files. Maybe there is a way without creating this part but i couldnt make it work. —This part creates the location
-Configuration creates date
-String Man. (Variable) merges location and date
-String to Path (Variable) lets me create merges location and date as variable
-Thanks to flow variable ports, I transferred variable to excel writer node.

The below is for the location that i read the input several excel files.


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