Dynamic number of input fields

Hi Knimers,
I would like to have a dynamic number of input fields depending on what the user selects. As you can see in the screenshot, e.g. the user selects 4, then the string inputs “Parameter Value” and “Parameter Path” should dynamically grow and shrink to 4 or whatever the user selects.

I’m currently trying with a loop, but that doesn’t work:

I would be happy if anyone has any ideas or solutions.

Best regards,

Hi @mkammerer,

I’d suggest to not make the two input fields, which should dynamically change based on the first choice, adjustable and instead just concatenate and display a string for both options.

Reason why I am suggesting this is that the current logic would also require to change any other input field, like #1 and #3, if #2 changes. So if all basically have the same value, there is no point in making it unnecessarily complex.