Dynamically Update in Date&Time based on row Filter

Hello All,
I found a post from another user that is very similar to my problem.
Here is the link to the post: Date&Time filter in a plot (both in one component) - #3 by ScottF

Below it is mentioned that the dynamic update does not work yet. Now my question, is there now a way that the dynamic update works without reopening the view?

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Hi @Antonia,
We do have a solution for this now: the Refresh Button Widget. Just add this in front of the Date&Time Widgets and whenever the user presses the button widget, the new date values are propagated through the workflow while it is being re-executed in the background. All views downstream from the button will automatically re-render. I hope this helps!
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Hello @AlexanderFillbrunn
Thank you very much, this has helped me a lot.

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